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Led Intelligent Patch Panel

Provide distribution frame basic 
management functions and link detection technology;
Connectivity information obtained from the distribution frame, real-time processing of 
these information and update the database;
Features & benefits
Cable system planning;
Jumper cable guide;
Jumper cable plug/unplug detection and warning;
Cable system maintenance and management;
Can manage traditional cat5e, cat6, cat6A, RJ45 cable no need special 9 core cable;
Modularization, easy to change parts;
Easy install;
Various color module;
Real-time information detection.
Data Center Solution
1u panel supports 48-72 - core optical fiber for pre- terminated fiber, is 2-3 times of 
traditional optical distribution frame. 
Pre- terminated fiber using armored soft cable to provides small bending radius and 
tensile property/pressure on the flat.
Can lay for long distance conveniently with adequate protection for fiber optic cable. 
Low attrition rate, far lower than the IEC - 60793 standard, provide high performance 
Can be used directly in the UCS of Angle distribution frame, combine optical fiber cable + 
copper to save space and easy to construct.
Can use MPO/MPT modular products, support for the next 40GB and 100GB Ethernet 
optical fiber transmission.