Product Instroduction

MPO/MTP Fan Out Jumper Fiber

MPO / MTP Fan Out Jumper Fiber is used for plug and 
use MPO connection box. One end is MTP connector 
and another end can be LC, SC, FC connector. Can 
support 8/12/24single mode and multi mode fiber, ie. 
G652D / G657A1 / G657A2 single mode, 62.5/125 multi 
mode, 10G OM2 / OM3 / OM4, or anti-bending 
Features & Benefits
Comply with IEC 61754-7, Telcordia GR-1435-CORE, RoHS;
Have a safety device, ensure the reliability of the product;
Shake-hands handle resistant to deformation and impact, effectively protect the connector 
Quick connection and save time; 
Using corning OM3 fiber bending, better than other optical fiber transmission performance;
Can rapid upgrade, support 40/100 g in parallel;
Cable branch and handle sheath support tensile strength > 600 n;
Connector end 3D return loss is 100% detection;
Flame retardence meet IEC 60332-3C; 
No corrosive gases and comply with IEC 60754-2;
Low smoke zero halogen meet IEC 61034-2;
25years performance assurance