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    MEX has complete range of professional sensor products to support Smart home 
    products and related services. These products can also used in transport and logistics, 
    environmental protection, public safety, intelligence firefighting, industrial monitoring, 
    personal health and other areas. Goal of "good quality, excellent technology, 
    professional, low cost, on customer demands," MEX contributes comprehensive 
    advantages, competitive competence for customers.
    Sensors are teleneuron of internet of things. They are 
    core modules of feeling nature. Large-scale deployment 
    of sensors and applications is essential to make up the 
    internet of thing. We provide different sensors for 
    different applications and cover the smart industries, 
    agriculture in home, automation, smart security, smart 
    logistics, smart medical and other environmental 
    According to the sensor\\\'s perceptual result maintain or 
    establish a certain balance is the basic direction and 
    purpose of internet of things. Different environment, 
    different applications, different needs require different 
    balance. The balance may be static or dynamic, rapid 
    or flexible. Seamless deployment of the various 
    controllers stably is the fundamental means of 
    achieving the balance.
    Intelligent lighting has become world\\\'s new industry. As 
    an indispensable tool of modern civilization, it is under 
    spotlight. To enhance the customer experience, we 
    launched in the world\\\'s first intelligent LED lighting 
    technology lamps. These intelligent lighting are not only 
    the next-generation lighting technology but also 
    integrating new internet technology, mobile internet 
    technologies, and cloud technologies to meet the 
    expectations of consumers around the world.
    Temperature sensor is also the nerve ending of smart 
    home. Currently, pursuit for luxury and comfortable 
    living environment is a goal of everyone. Changes 
    along with seasonal temperature of outside, the internal 
    equipment should adjust to meet the changes. Through 
    detection covered each space in your home, central 
    temperature control equipment provides a real-time 
    response in order to keep the indoor temperature at the 
    ideal State.
    With the development of global production, pollution of 
    the environment get more and more public attention. In 
    developing countries, the PM2.5 indicator has become 
    the daily inspection mainly on the quality of air. PM2.5 
    detection sensor can timely report dust particles of 
    indoor and warn when exceeding the limit of criteria to 
    guarantee the health of personnel.
    Home security is first priority of consideration of smart 
    home. Discovery of the illegal invaders must be 100% 
    reliable and accurate. With years of experience of 
    detection sensing device business, MEX continues to 
    develop new technology to ensure product quality and 
    stability for our global customer.
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