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    Although you may not be aware the importance of exist cabling system, but it 
    connected foremost business information of global network. Without cabling system, 
    all countries cannot run normally. UCS Cabling is pioneer of technology and provides 
    high level solution to our customers. 

    Cabling specification must meet the requirement of 
    LAN. UCS Cabling provides whole series of copper, 
    fiber, module, pre-terminated product and fiber to desk 
    products. These rational design satisfied enterprise for 
    their bandwidth needs. 

    Data center
    The cabling systems of data center are mainly used in 
    data storage areas which need to be reliable, flexible 
    and extendable. In these territories, UCS Cabling 
    provides high density panel and pre-terminated solution 
    to help save space of data center and manage 

    UCS Cabling provides all series of product to education 
    organization which adopting new technology. Whatever 
    small school or big campus of university, our data and 
    voice solution help users to connect office, classroom, 
    laboratory and dormitory conveniently. 

    Financial users have higher requirement of 
    instantaneity and reliability. Frequently data exchange 
    and process between local and distance rely on 
    real-time, secured and reliable network.

    Medical treatment
    Medical organization needs a high speed and stable 
    network system to load more and more applications to 
    hospital system. Ie. Inpatient department physician 
    system, outpatient service system, surgery and 
    anesthesia management system, nursing system, 
    clinical testing system, medical media archives system 
    and communication system. These systems ask huge 
    terminal amount and big bandwidth.
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