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  • As the global economic integration, international economic activities are more and 
    more frequent. Transportation has become an important element in the world 
    economic exchanges. Over the past few years, the rapid growth of the airport, railway, 
    shipping transport require higher quantity and quality network application surpassed 
    the traditional data and voice systems.
    Communication network also play a very important role in airport operations such as 
    offers a variety of data process and transmission for decision making. Now, in some 
    cities in the construction of the new airport, communication network infrastructure 
    construction began from the ground, it is listed as an important part of the architectural 
    design of the initial stage. For example, the Schiphol airport of Dutch is very strict with 
    the safety and reliability of information transmission. Information transmission 
    requirements shall not be break between the airport\'s control tower, runway and 
    terminal. Central data process and high-end wiring between points must be able to 
    support all kinds of precise calculation. All these make significant difference from 
    airport the physical infrastructure solutions with other projects. 
    UCS GROUP assisted our transportation customer to reach their goal of business. 
    Currently in the United States, UCS GROUP offers solutions and products to city 
    construction projects for customers’ real-time monitoring and dispatching requirement. 
     (Illustrated is photo of the Schiphol airport of Dutch)
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