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  • At present, affected by schools of developed countries, the teaching methods of many 
    local schools begin to turn into digital and remote model. The advanced network 
    infrastructure solution is the foundation to implement above applications. Thus will not 
    only create a better learning environment but also reduce the cost of education 
    repeated investment. 
    There are a few schools have adopted some advanced teaching methods, such as: 
    streaming media interactive teaching, the use of virtual scene simulation technology. 
    As well some other schools have had campus wireless application, computer rooms, 
    electronic archives management, and so on. More and more adopting advanced 
    teaching methods and equipment also brought complicate campus network 
    management. How to put the minimum cost of the construction of campus network 
    and get the highest efficiency and performance is very important to each school. 
    UCS’s intelligent panel management system can make the application and network 
    management to be easier. 
    (Illustrated is photo of Lord Byng Seconday School of Canada)
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